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5 Dec

La Bolla nel Canavese

From the event “Spingi lo sport” was born the social enterprise Estrellita s.r.l. , which is based on the belief that all human beings (able-bodied, disabled, immigrant, marginalized) have the right to social integration and travel.

Unfortunately, the society in which we live is studded with cultural as well as architectural barriers.

To make up for this lack we sought a unique and special place to give life to our model of ideal society.

In 2018 we find our “Bolla nel Canavese”: 10,000 square meters of land and 300 square meters of accommodation at the foot of the Alps with paths and bike path between fruit trees and woods.

In 2019 we will begin this new adventure by offering an innovative structure, completely accessible to tourism, training and work; a location for private and corporate events, agricultural production with disabled and non-disabled employees, organization of educational, recreational and communication workshops for schools, tourists and all those who do not want to live under barriers.

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