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21 Oct

The road of the alpine vines

A new adventure among mountains, lakes and wine landscapes. The road of the alpine vines between Val d’Aosta, Piedmont and Savoy is a spectacle of nature that you can discover together with ProntoTours. Known throughout the world for its natural heritage, its magnificent landscapes, its biodiversity, winter and spa sports resorts, the Alpine region is an unmissable destination. The road of alpine vines was born as a wine tourism project that promises to enhance and promote a large slice of mountain territory. Funded by the Interreg Program Alcotra 2014-2020, the project is promoted by...

14 Oct

ProntoTours for Targa Florio Classica

All the charm of TARGA Florio Classica you can live with ProntoTours. We followed the logistics of a sponsor company in the luxury watch sector. Exclusive transports, private visits to historic sites and vintage Targa Florio machines, all of which have been studied in detail by ProntoTours to experience a true Sicilian experience. Targa Florio Classica dedicated to cars built before '77 started on October 10th from Palermo. The path is a real journey through the millenary history of Sicily. The event ended on Sunday 13 October. The event honored the memory of Andrea Camilleri "The...

11 Oct

Palermo: the Targa Florio Classica at the starting line

Palermo: the Targa Florio Classica at the starting line 🏎 and we at #ProntoTours behind the scenes to organize everything in detail. The event, awaited by all historic car enthusiasts and carried out by the Automobile Club Palermo and Automobile Club Italia, through ACI Sport and with the support of ACI Storico. Four days of competition, involving 630 kilometers of history, culture, engines and stopwatches. . 🏁 Ready, Steady, Go 🏁...

7 Oct

Pronto tours flies to Rimini for the international B2b Fair of tourism

PRONTO TOURS Flies ✈️ to Rimini for the international B2b Fair of tourism ttg travel experience that every year proposes the news of the market to sector operators. TTG Travel Experience is the Italian reference event for the promotion of world tourism in Italy and for the marketing of the Italian tourist offer in the world. In three days it attracts operators from all over the world, key players in the main companies in the sector: tourism organizations, tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, transport, accommodation, tourism services, technology and innovative solutions. The event is part...

4 Oct

A company aperitif in the historic castle of the Donnafugata family

The Donnafugata family castle is the ideal location for an unforgettable Sicilian experience. With Prontotours also a company aperitif can be immersed in a magical location, as happened last weekend in Ragusa to our guests, representatives of a well-known financial group. The name Donnafugata derives from the Arabic "Ain-jafat" and means "Source of health". A legend tells of a woman prisoner in the Castle who managed to escape. It would be Queen Bianca of Navarre who was locked up, by the treacherous Count Bernardo Cabrera, in a room from which she managed to...

2 Oct

A company lunch at Montalbano’s home

  A company lunch with  # ProntoTours is never just a lunch, but a unique experience. Here is a shot of the location we reserved for a well-known group of operators in the world of finance last weekend: Punta Secca is the most famous seaside hamlet of Santa Croce Camerina. The small fishing village is called "a sicca" by the inhabitants for a characteristic cliff that runs along the water and that develops in front of the eastern beach. Much of the fame of the small village is due to the fictional Il...

30 Sep

Walking around Ortigia

  This weekend our guests, representatives of a group operating in the banking sector, enjoyed the wonders of Ortigia for a walk on the delicious Ape Car. Our specialized guides showed them the history and curiosities of one of the most magical places in all of Sicily. The tour starts from Piazza Duomo with a visit to the Cathedral and the Church of Santa Lucia where Caravaggio is present. Continue towards the Fonte Aretusa and then continue towards the extreme point of the island: the Maniace Castle. Pass along the eastern seafront and then...