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“Pronto Etica was created to support profit companies which invest in the non-profit, providing consulting services for corporate social responsability’s business, social marketing, creation of corporate foundations and corporate volunteering; same time provides support and training to organizations and no profit in fundraising, suggest how to present yourself to companies, creating opportunities between the two sectors. Our consultancy specializes in the events sector because the people who work alongside the accounts in the design phase and in the meetings with the final customers come from the congress sector, with the characteristics and language that distinguish it, but have gained a new experience passing into the NPO world. ”


In 2016, motivated by the need to build a path of personal and professional enrichment, we created the Spingi Lo Sport event, a sporting event that aims to break down the barriers of disability in sport by involving all civil society. Both the companies and the institutions believed in the project and this led us to continue to dream big. To learn more, visit the site: https: //spingilosport.org

From this experience the social enterprise Estrellita s.r.l.